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Who doesn't know them - the exotic variety and the heavenly smell of oriental dishes?! Spices, dried fruits, different kinds of rice and the famous rose water should not be missing in any Persian kitchen. We at Adalat Food Industry have made it our business to bring the finest food and beverages to Berlin. And we don't mean just any food, but those from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the neighboring countries of the Persian Gulf. From A like Ayran, the popular yogurt drink to Z like Zaferon, the best saffron in the world: You will find hundreds of original products and private labels in our assortment. Since 2019, we distribute our fine ingredients in Berlin and throughout Germany. We are pleased about the great interest of our customers and their praise for our constantly growing product range. With the diverse delicacies of Adalat you conjure up dishes like from 1.001 nights on the table!


Large Product Range

Why us?

Best Service

Ordering from Adalat Food Industry is very easy and can be done at any time via our website or by phone during our opening hours. We work quickly and reliably: Our fleet of vehicles always delivers your order promptly, bringing the freshest Persian specialties straight to your door. Of course you can find all items of our large assortment also in our supermarket.

Super Offers

Thanks to direct import channels and large purchase quantities, we are able to offer you our products at top prices. Large packages, for example of rice specialties, lower prices additionally- to the delight of our customers. Who is not happy about quality products at a bargain price?

Top Brands

Besides several branded products, which every child in the Persian region knows, we also have several private labels in our wide product palette. Pulses, coffee, sweets and all the spices your heart desires can be found in a huge selection only at Adalat Food Industry. Where else can you find over 500 different top brands - from traditional manufacturers to new suppliers - under one roof?

Own Products

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